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General Conditions of Use


1.1 These terms and conditions govern the use that can be made of the site  (referred to hereafter as the "Site"), its content and any information that may be collected on it. They apply to any booking for tourist services/products made by the User (hereafter referred to as ‘You’) via the site, from a Partner service provider. 

1.2 Any use of the Site is subject to the acceptance of and compliance with these terms of use. 

1.3 These terms of use are provided in French and English. 

1.4 These terms of use may be modified at any time.  If there is a modification, the applicable version of the terms of use will be the version which appears on the site at the moment You confirm your booking of tourist services/products.  

1.5 The terms of use can be viewed on the Site.  You have the right to keep them by saving them on your computer hard disk or on any other durable media or by printing them on paper in order to be able to refer to them at any time.  You are entirely responsible for their safe keeping. 

1.6 Your attention is drawn to the fact that, in addition to these terms of use, the tourist services/products booked on the Site are subject to the specific terms of sale of the Partner service providers who supply the services or products. 

1.7 The individual terms of sale for each Partner service provider are available via a hyperlink which is displayed during the booking process, as well as in the booking confirmation email sent once payment has been made. 


2.1 Prior to making or paying for any booking via the Site, You must read and fully accept these terms of use and the Partner service provider’s terms of sale for the desired service/product by ticking the box provided for this purpose. 

2.2 If You do not accept these terms, the booking process will be technically impossible. 


3.1 The Booking site is published by the Société d’Economie Mixte pour les Evènements Cannois, abbreviated to ‘SEMEC’, whose registered office is located at the following address: CS 30051 06414 CANNES CEDEX (SIRET number : 38315023200015).

3.2 Through the site, SEMEC provides an online booking platform for services/products, proposed and marketed to users on the site by Partner service providers.

3.3 It is a ‘tourist market place’ managed through communication gateway systems and ‘open system’ technology, developed by the ALLIANCE RESEAUX, a ‘société par actions simplifiée’ (simplified joint stock company) governed by French law (whose registered office is located at 26 rue Saint Exupery, 73300 St Jean-de-Maurienne - France, registered at the Registry office of the Chambery commercial court under number 393953278).

3.4 The Site is intended to be a general interest tool available to Partner service providers so that they can disseminate and sell their tourist services/products and available leisure activities in real time. 

3.5 The tourist services/products offered on the Site by our Partner service providers are exclusively provided, managed by these Partners for which they accept liability, pursuant to their own sales terms.  As a User, You are therefore required to read each Partner service provider’s sales terms for the desired services/products before confirming any booking on the Site. 

3.6 By booking through  You are entering into a direct contractual relationship with the Partner service provider concerned.

3.7 However, occasionally SEMEC may make services/products available to Users, in its own name and on its own behalf. 

3.8 In this case, the services and/or products offered by SEMEC on the Site will be exclusively provided and managed by it and under its sole liability.  Such services and/or products will therefore be subject to SEMEC’s sales terms applicable to the package offered and available on the Site, in addition to these terms of use. 

3.9 It should be noted that in such a case, SEMEC will contract directly with the You, the user.  Consequently, You should contact SEMEC directly for any question or claim concerning your booking, or any request to change or cancel your booking in accordance with the instructions and conditions mentioned in SEMEC’s sales terms for the services and/or products in question.  

3.10 The tourist services/products offered on the Site are only available for private use and not intended for a commercial use in the context of a competitive or business activity or purpose. 


4.1 As a user of the site, who books/purchases any tourist service/product on offer, You must be at least 18 years of age, be legally able to contract on your own and you must use the site in accordance with the terms of use in effect at the time of confirming your booking.

4.2 The online booking process comprises 4 steps :
Step 1: select the services/products of your choice in the ‘add to basket’ tab in order to place them in your basket; 
Step 2: after selecting all the products/services you require, confirm your order. 
Step 3: enter your personal details in the mandatory fields on the booking form (surname, first name, address, etc.), and confirm the data you have entered.  Step 4: Accept these terms of use for the Site and the specific terms of sale for each service/product in the confirmed basket without reservation, and complete the online payment process for the services by entering and confirming your bank details, in order to pay the full price using the Site’s secure online payment system, or send the on-line pre-booking.  The payment then takes place directly with the Seller according to the Seller’s terms of sale. 

4.3 Your attention is drawn to the fact that any personal data you enter in the booking form will be sent to the Service provider concerned by the booking. 

4.4 At the end of the fourth step of the online contracting process, your booking will be firm, provided that the Service Provider confirms availability of the desired product or service. 

4.5 In fact, the real time availability of the Service provider’s products or services are shown on the Site based on the information provided by the Service provider.  However, this information is only indicative, give that transactions can take place simultaneously across the different sales channels (sites, telephone, email).  In the event of a double booking, the Service provider shall be required to contact You in order to find an amicable solution, or issue You with a refund.  

4.6 The Service provider of the booked service/product will then automatically send You a confirmation email (via the Open System) detailing the services booked (in the email body or in an attached document), the price, Your address and the Service provider’s special terms for the bookings, 

4.7 The confirmation email for the booking will be sent by the Service Provider (automatically via the Open System) to the email address You gave in the booking form.  You are therefore responsible for ensuring that the contact details you entered at the time of booking are correct. 

4.8 If You do not receive a booking confirmation email, you should contact the Service Provider in question directly. 


In accordance with Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, no cooling off period may be applied to the following types of service agreements: accommodation (other than for residential accommodation), transport of goods, car hire, catering or leisure activities; these services must be provided on a specific date or over a specific fulfilment period.


6.1 Once you have confirmed your booking, You may not make any subsequent changes online to any booking made through the Site. You should therefore make sure that the information you enter is correct and complete before you confirm.  

6.2 You should send any modification request to the Partner service provider concerned, by following the instructions given in the booking confirmation email.  The modification request shall be handled by the Partner service provider in line with its own terms of sale. 

6.3 In principle, You are also entitled to cancel a booking made on the site.  You must contact the Service Provider within the prescribed time limits and according to the terms and conditions set out in the Partner service providers terms of sale, as accepted by You during the booking process on the Site.  

6.4 Any potential refund for an amount You have paid on the Site during booking, which shall be due to You after a cancellation or a change to your booking is the responsibility of the Partner service provider concerned in accordance with its terms of sale. 

6.5 You are moreover informed that You may be charged a cancellation fee as per the terms of sale applicable to the Service provider.  It is possible that in some cases (special offers, package deal, promotion, etc.), You will not be entitled to any refund of the amounts paid on the Site, from the Service provider concerned, if you cancel the booking. 

6.6 You should therefore make sure you read the terms of sale for the Partner service provider in question, in addition to these terms of use, before making a booking. Please note, when making a booking, You will be asked to read these terms of use & the terms of sale of the Service Provider in question and accept them by ticking the corresponding box; the booking process cannot be completed unless you do this. 


7.1 The prices for the services and products offered on the Site are given in euros and are understood to be inclusive of VAT, excepting a contrary statement displayed on the Site or in the booking confirmation email. 

7.2 The prices shown on the Site are those practised by the Partner service provider across the different sales channels (except occasional promotions offered directly by the Service provider for a specific campaign.)

7.3 The rates may be subject to change by the Partner Service providers.  They will be updated on the Site as and when the Service providers make changes to their pricing. 

7.4 In any event, the prices invoiced to You are those practised by the Partner service provider on the date that You confirm the booking on the Site. 

7.5 All the special/promotional offers are mentioned as such. 


8.1 The secure payment system available across the whole platform is provided by One Shot Pay.
One Shot Pay processes the payments made by internet users (the ‘Buyers’) on behalf on the Service Providers (the ‘Sellers’)
One Shot Pay acts exclusively as a payment service provider.  In this respect, Sellers alone accept liability under the contract and are responsible for fulfilling their services to Buyers. 

8.2 If You make any change to your booking, after you confirm it on the Site (number of persons, additional service, etc.), which entails a surcharge or additional costs, You must pay the Service Provider in question directly. 


Your personal data is only collected in the cases provided for by current regulations, to manage your orders and our commercial relations. The SEMEC ensures your privacy of your personal data.  
Please refer to our Confidentiality Policy for more information regarding the use of your personal data and your rights concerning your personal data.


10.1 As stated above in point 3.6, SEMEC only acts as an intermediary between You and Service Provider.  Nevertheless, SEMEC shall not accept liability for any damage whatsoever caused by You, resulting directly or indirectly in: 
 - the partial or total non-performance of the contract entered into directly between You and the Service Provider, to which the SEMEC is a third party;

10.2 SEMEC shall also not accept liability for any damage whatsoever resulting from any direct or indirect errors that You might have made when entering the requested personal data in the booking form, or the fraudulent use of your credit card by a third party. 

10.3 SEMEC shall not accept any liability for links provided to other sites, since it has no control over the content of these sites.   SEMEC can therefore not accept any liability for the content, advertising, products or services or any other tool available on or from these sites or external sources which it has not checked or approved; nor can it accept liability for any damage consecutive to or related to the use of these links. 


11.1 The Site and the the elements contained within it (data, Site presentation, infrastructure, logos, text, graphics, photos, images, illustrations, software, etc.) are the exclusive property of SEMEC and/or its content suppliers, licensors for the operating software used by the Site, partners and tourist professionals.

11.2 Consequently, You are forbidden from reproducing, modifying, exploiting, integrating or using all or part of the Site content and collected data in any way whatsoever, without the express prior written consent of SEMEC.  


12.1 These terms of use and the services we (SEMEC) provide are exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with French law. 

12.2 Any disputes and/or claims resulting from our service provision and/or concerning the valid, interpretation and/or fulfilment of these terms of use, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Cannes. 


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